Trump Slams Democrats Who Called Him ‘Xenophobic’ For Pushing China Lab Theory

Former President Donald Trump hit out at Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, for denying theories he promoted as president that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in China.

Speaking to Fox Nation on Wednesday, Trump said he was surprised at the recent traction his theories have gained, saying that now, ‘it’s the biggest subject there is in America today.’

‘You know that I said a long time ago right from the beginning, and when you look at Wuhan and that’s where it all started and then you look at the Wuhan lab and that’s where they were doing it seemed pretty obvious to me,’ he said.

The first COVID-19 cases were recorded in Wuhan and Democrats immediately dismissed the lab-leak theory, with Harris going as far as to say Trump’s comments constituted ‘racist and xenophobic rhetoric against Asian Americans and directly puts their lives at risk,’ in a June 2020 Tweet.

‘The Democrats fought it all the way I don’t know why,’ Trump said. ‘It doesn’t make them look better of worse if it was Wuhan or somewhere else, but they fought it, maybe because that’s what I thought.’

In addition to a recent intelligence review ordered by Joe Biden, it emerged that a government laboratory in California concluded in May 2020 that COVID-19 may have escaped from a facility in Wuhan, and recommend further investigation.

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