Pingdemic: 1.6 Million People In A Week Told To Isolate By NHS App

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Factories could be forced to start closing today and consumers could see a shortage of some foods because of the ‘pingdemic’ caused by the NHS COVID App.

The Meat Processors Association chief executive said abattoirs would have to ‘rationalise’ production lines, stopping those requiring the most butchery, in order to keep food on shelves.

And the NHS is also under pressure because huge numbers of staff are being forced to self-isolate, with one hospital trust asking staff to delay holidays to keep vital services running.

Meanwhile, it was revealed the app is ‘pinging’ neighbours through walls if their phones are in close proximity.

Neighbours are being forced to quarantine for ten days despite never coming into contact with a positive case of the virus because the Bluetooth signal used by the app is known to be strong enough to penetrate walls.

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