Taliban Brutality Begins: Torture And Executions In Kabul

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The Taliban have been eager to appear reformed since taking control of Kabul. But there is mounting evidence that the Islamist regime is anything but reformed from the jihadists of 20 years ago, who brutally oppressed women and allied themselves with Al Qaeda terrorists.

The latest footage to emerge from within Afghanistan shows Taliban fighters attacking anyone carrying an Afghan national flag in at least a dozen incidents, primarily in Kabul.

It comes after Amnesty International revealed that Taliban fighters massacred nine ethnic Hazara men after taking control of the country’s Ghazni province last month. Six men were shot and three were tortured to death, including one man who was strangled to death with his own scarf.

Other atrocities being reported include:

  • Jihadists are going door-to-door to threaten civil servants, interpreters and other consular staff.
  • Taliban militants searched for a journalist for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and one of the reporter’s family members was shot dead.
  • Three female TV anchors were barred from entering their channel’s studio by the Taliban and were ordered to ‘to go home, remain there and never return.’
  • Senior Afghan officials said they have been forced into ‘deep hiding’ to avoid the fighters who they suspect have gained access to government employee databases.
China Accuses the UK and US Of Human Rights Abuses In Afghanistan
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