Migrants Celebrate As They Land On Kent Beach As New Record Set

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This is the moment a group of migrants celebrates as they landed on Broadstairs beach in Kent.

The group of 20 – including three children and a baby – had made the 30-mile trip across the English Channel on a dinghy. Their arrival stunned beachgoers in Broadstairs which is a further 10 miles than the usual boat landing area.

It comes after the Home Office confirmed a record-breaking 828 people had to be rescued or intercepted making the dangerous journey in 30 boats on Saturday.

More than 12,000 migrants have now crossed the Dover Strait this year with more than 3,000 arriving this month alone.

Dover and Deal MP Natalie Elphicke claimed France had ‘lost control of their side of the border’.

She said last night: ‘An urgent, fresh approach is needed for the British and French to work together to stop boats leaving in the first place, turn them around and make returns.

‘With the crisis in Afghanistan, it’s more important than ever that these illegal routes are closed down and safe, legal, routes prioritised.’

AT LAST: Britain And France Agree To Tackle Channel Migrants
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