Boris Johnson Will Extend ‘Draconian’ COVID Rules Until Next March

Boris Johnson is planning to renew COVID laws for another six months to cover a possible winter surge.

The Coronavirus Act provisions have to be renewed every six months and Downing Street wants a vote on carrying them through to March after Parliament returns next week.

Such a move is likely to anger Tory backbenchers, where many MPs want to see the economic recovery given priority. 35 MPs voted against extending the rules in March and given the successful vaccination rollout since then, it paves the way for a larger rebellion.

Tory rebel Marcus Fysh, who voted against the act in March, said: ‘I think this is a very bad, unnecessary move and I and many colleagues will be opposing.’

It comes as new polling suggests Brits would support a new lockdown if cases surged this winter. 60% of respondents said they would support or strongly support another lockdown.

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