Insulate Britain Protestor Is Married To £170,000-A-Year TFL Boss

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An Insulate Britain protestor arrested for blocking the M25 is the wife of a Transport for London director.

Cathy Eastburn, 54, has vowed to ‘unleash hell’ on drivers even though her husband is a public transport boss Benedict Plowden, 58.

Ms Eastburn has been arrested several times during M25 blockades with fringe group Insulate Britain and for other activities with Extinction Rebellion.

And £170,000-a-year Mr Plowden, who was charged with the Covid Restart and Recovery Scheme, has also been accused of ‘harbouring’ another eco-terrorist in the South London home the couple share.

Eastburn has been apprehended four times in nine days as Insulate Britain blocked London’s Orbital Motorway last week. She was released without charge without being interviewed each time she was arrested.

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