Poland: Migrants Attacking Border With ‘Full Aggression’ Using Makeshift Weapons

The Polish government claims that migrants are attacking border guards by engaging in “full aggression” on the Belarusian frontier, armed with a range of improvised weapons.

“Although the numbers [attempting to cross] change, the methods remain the same – migrants, always in groups, encouraged and directly aided by Belarusian services – storm the Polish border with full aggression,” stated Stanislaw Zaryn director of the National Security Department, in an update regarding the border crisis.

“Stones and rubble delivered by Belarusians, logs, metal poles from destroyed border fencing are used as weapons against the Polish border patrols,” Zaryn said,

Zaryn stated that “hybrid operation by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, with a silent support of the Kremlin” – according to how Poland, as well as its EU as well as NATO allies, view the current crisis continuing. In fact, he said to the effect that “attacks on our border have become more aggressive in recent days,” even.

The crisis of migrant refugees on the border between NATO’s eastern and western frontiers as well as those in the Baltic States of Lithuania and Latvia is widely thought of as being orchestrated to be a result of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, who has permitted people to enter Belarus through the Middle East in large numbers as “tourists” so they can make use of Latvia’s ex-Soviet Socialist Republic as a station to cross the EU’s frontiers.

This unstable “hybrid aggression” is punishment for the EU in general, and Poland along with the Baltics particularly for having imposed sanctions on Belarus and provided refuge to Lukashenko’s critics and critics. These were increased when he employed the air forces of his government to effectively steal the passenger plane that was flying between Greece to Lithuania earlier in the year.

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The Polish government is also of the opinion that Lukashenko “would not have dared to organise and conduct such a major operation against the West without the support of its political patron in the Kremlin,” and Russia has a reason to deny involvement to position its self as a mediator, and secure concessions elsewhere.

The Poles haven’t managed to stop every crossing attempt however they have been more secure than other European nations and have declared that they were cooperating together with “representatives of Iraq and Congo in the procedure of identification of those foreigners who, having managed to illegally enter Poland from Belarus without any ID documents, have been detained and placed in centres kept by the Polish authorities” likely in the hope of deporting the offenders.