SIR Tony Blair: Former Labour Leader Receives Knighthood From Boris Johnson

A former Labour leader and the prime minister Tony Blair has been dubbed as a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter in the New Year Honours Lists.

The Iraq War architect, full name Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, stated that it was “an immense honour to be appointed Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter” – the most revered order of chivalry and added that felt “deeply grateful to Her Majesty the Queen.”

“How very sad that to see that Anthony Blair is now a Knight of the Garter,” said Peter Hitchens, the revered British journalist.

“Until now it was possible to believe that the Sovereign thought that his support for the wrong and foolish invasion of Iraq disqualified him from this honour,” he added.

Blair did not slip into an unassuming retirement after his departure from politics, he took the position of Middle East peace envoy on behalf of the United Nations, European Union, United States, and Russia in 2007. He was in place until the year 2015 – as well as a number of lucrative jobs in the private sector with massive corporations like JPMorgan Chase banking corporation and Zurich Financial Services.

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