Farage: 60,000 Boat Migrants Will Reach Britain This Year

Nigel Farage has predicted that “at least 60,000” boat migrants will land on British beaches this year.

In 2021, a record 28,381 boat migrants crossed the Channel from France, more than three times the amount that landed in 2020.

The incredible pace of illegal crossings looks to continue, with 66 migrants landing at Dover on Monday, representing the first of the year. According to calculations made by The Times, an average of 78 migrants reached the UK by boat every day last year.

Nigel Farage said that the rate will only climb, warning that “at least 60,000” migrants will cross in 2022 and it could reach 80,000 landing in Britain.

Commenting on the latest situation, Farage said that the people smugglers who traffic migrants across the channel have become increasingly “professional”, noting that they appear to have a deep understanding of wind and tide patterns.

He said that there was a “very tight window” on Monday for crossings, saying that the human traffickers hold migrants on the beaches of Dunkirk and wait until the wind drops to around 10 miles per hour.

“It doesn’t matter what penalty you put on the traffickers if the incentive is there for those that want to come and pay their 3-5,000 euros — whatever the going rate is at the time — they’ll go on coming,” he said.

He said that many Labour Party supporters switched to vote for Boris Johnson in 2019 in order to get Brexit done because they believed in taking back control of the nation’s borders.

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