Afghan Accused Of Gang Rape And Child Murder Fled To UK By Boat

An Afghan illegal migrant managed to escape Austria to Britain by posing as a refugee following gang rape and child murder accusations.

Raculi Zubaidullah, 23, has been accused — along with three other suspects — of gang-raping and killing 13-year-old Austrian girl Leonie Walner on the 26th of June 2021, a British extradition court heard last Thursday.

Zubaidullah faces extradition back to Austria after fleeing to Britain posing as a refugee and hiding in a migrant hotel in London.

Jonathan Swain, prosecuting Zubaidullah at the extradition court, accused him of being the one who killed Leonie: “He [Zubaidullah] grabbed and choked her until she was no longer able to breathe and was suffocated and therefore ultimately died as a result”.

Judge Michael Snow will make a judgement tomorrow on whether Zubaidullah will be deported back to Austria.

Austrian police arrested the three other suspects after they allegedly boasted to a friend about having “wild sex” with a young girl. The friend reported them to the police.

Following reports that Leonie’s body was found wrapped in a carpet under a tree in central Vienna in June 2021 — about 100 meters from Zubaidullah’s apartment Zubaidullah escaped to France, sparking a European wide manhunt.

In Schengen Area countries, individuals are not required to show identification when crossing borders of other Schengen members.

Zubaidullah later managed to board a human trafficker’s boat to reach the port of Dover, and upon posing as a refugee and giving a fake name was placed into a hotel in Whitechapel, east London.

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