Tory Donor: Boris Should Get Carrie Under Control – ‘She Actually Tells Him What To Do’

Sir Rocco Forte was such a fan of Boris Johnson that he paid for a £12,000 party to celebrate his victory in the Tory leadership contest before handing over another £100,000 to back the Conservatives in the last General Election.

Now, however, the hotel tycoon and leading Brexiteer has launched an astonishing attack on the Prime Minister for failing to ‘control’ his wife, Carrie.

‘One of the important things, of course, is to keep his wife under control,’ Sir Rocco told guests during a speech at a Club Di Londra dinner at Brown’s Hotel, which he owns in Mayfair.

Admitting his views are sexist, Forte said: ‘I know I’m a misogynist, but this is a bit too much for any country.’

His position is a major U-turn as he’d previously sung Boris’s praises, explaining his £100,000 donation in 2019: ‘It is the first time I have given any money for a long time because until now I didn’t believe in the leadership. I didn’t believe they were true Conservatives.

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