Biden’s Cognitive Decline: President Uses Cheat Sheet To Answer Press Questions

Joe Biden was mocked online for using a printed ‘cheat sheet’ of answers to expected questions when he faced the media to discuss the Ukraine war.

Biden was in Poland on Saturday and declared in Warsaw that Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ before flying back to Washington, DC.

Asked on Monday about his remarks, which many saw as advocating for regime change, the 79-year-old president was photographed holding a typed cue card for answers.

Despite this, he said he made ‘no apologies’ for his remarks and appeared to double down by saying ‘he shouldn’t be in power. There’s no – I mean, people like this shouldn’t be ruling countries, but they do. The fact is they do, but it doesn’t mean I can’t express my outrage about it.

Republican Senator Rand Paul took issue with Biden’s use of the cue cards, and his off-the-cuff remarks about Putin.

‘A lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it – but we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief,’ he told Fox News.

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