WOKE WATCH: Half Of Conservative MPs Support Net Zero Agenda

Half of all backbenchers in the Conservative Party have now joined a green agenda group to push ahead with Boris Johnson’s Build Back Better vision.

Despite growing anger that the Prime Minister’s green vision could wreck the economy, 133 Conservative MPs have now signed onto the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) after former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt joined.

“I am delighted to join the Conservative Environment Network to champion net-zero and nature conservation,” Hunt said.

“Now, more than ever, in light of the global gas crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s vital we decarbonise the UK’s economy by 2050. We must develop more homegrown clean energy, including renewables and new nuclear. This will lower people’s bills, strengthen our energy security and avoid the worst consequences of climate change,” the former government minister added.

In contrast, the Net Zero Scrutiny Group – which is holding the government to account – has only 19 publicly declared members.

Celebrating the support of Conservative Party MPs, the policy director for the left-wing activist group Greenpeace, Dr Doug Parr said: “We have seen Boris Johnson going from harsh criticism of wind power to full-throated advocacy. Half of the Conservative backbenches are now committed to climate action, avoiding the disruptive partisanship on environmental issues seen in the USA, Australia and elsewhere.”

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